"Open Minds Healing Therapies is my happy place.  Each session with Teri is wonderfully different. As a result, my body doesn’t get used to a routine, and I enjoy the benefits of each session. My favorite treatment is the Chakra Balance Massage. It is amazingly decadent, relaxing and exhilarating. I was ready to take on the world!   Karen S.

"Spending time with Terri is a multifaceted healing experience and pamper event.  It starts when you first arrive and are greeted by Terri's welcoming smile and the scent of whatever she has intuitively selected for your session.  She will also select a particular kind of soft music and adjust the lighting and massage bed temperature to your preference.  The massage itself feels blissfully relaxing and wonderful as Terri flows from one part of the body to another applying just the right amount of pressure and intuitively sensing which parts need more work or a different kind of work than the others.  She makes you feel very comfortable.  If you feel like chatting she is always up for it but when you feel like just being quiet, she is too.  When you are done, she leaves the room and allows you some time to just lie there and let it all sink in.    Each session is somewhat different but always great as she adjusts each session to the needs of the day which she determines by asking you if there is anything you would like her to focus on but also using her own fantastic intuition to guide her.  I find that I receive physical, emotional and spiritual healing when I am there.  It is not unusual for a physical issue to improve or even disappear after one of her sessions.  I also find that I receive answers to questions that have been bothering me.  Not only is the session itself healing but it facilitates the ability of your own body, mind and heart to continue healing itself in the coming days and weeks following your appointment". Susanne F.

     "When my brother-in-law was dying from kidney cancer, Reiki and Aromatherapy were the only things that gave him any relief from the physical and emotional toll cancer brings.  I always thought that whole Reiki thing was a bunch of hooey. Not only is it real, but Teri Bruce Mead is a miracle worker.  Thank you!  " TJ S

     "The massage I received helped heal sore muscles that I had and also helped pinched nerves in my neck.  Her holistic care made me relaxed and calm.  I would highly recommend her to anyone!" " Brittany G.

​     I've got arthritis in my back--had it since I was a teenager.   I book a massage whenever my back is acting up.  Teri's got the magic touch!  I leave the shop feeling like a million bucks and the relief lasts for months.  Plus the wife books a massage for me every Valentine's Day.  Great gift! "  Terry S.

​     "Teri is an extremely talented, intuitive, and compassionate massage therapist and energy healer. Sessions with her are extraordinary for not only their healing capacity but the powerful clearing that you experience every time. Teri is very skilled at holding space for anyone fortunate enough to be in her care which is why no two sessions are ever the same.  She brings a powerful gifting as an energy healer to play in her sessions.  I have walked into her studio in pain or emotionally bereft from a stressful week and she has known every time just what to do. I go home relaxed, pain free, and shifted into a much lighter and healthy space.   For several years now I have traveled 40 minutes to have my massages done with Teri when I could find sessions much closer to home.  It is worth every extra mile and I can't imagine going to see anyone else.  I simply can not say enough about Teri or the humility, grace, and skill with which she puts her gifts to use on the behalf of others." Debbie S.